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Your Daily Number Forecast

Your Daily Number is based on your Personal Year, Month, and Day number, as well as your Daily Bridge number, allowing for a more detailed and specific forecast.

Enter your first name and date of birth on the left.

The Daily Number Forecast is also part of the WN Collection, which allows you to check up to 30 days ahead.

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Combines Your Personality Profile and Yearly Forecast

The Integrated Personality Profile

Personality Profile

Our expanded 32+ page Personality Profile includes dramatic improvements not found in my previous version. Increased by eight pages, it now examines how each core number complements and influences the others, adding a dimension of insight not found in any other personality profile.

Probe deeply into your innate Talents, Challenges, Personality, and Character Traits. This report helps you understand why certain patterns in your life may have held you back, and provides a new-found perception of your strengths, motivation, and true purpose. The Personality Profile describes what make you You. View Sample Profile

The Yearly Forecast Yearly and Monthly Forecast

Your Yearly Forecast offers comprehensive descriptions of your Essence, Transit, and Personal Year cycles and now includes Dualities - the combined effect of overlapping cycles. It explains how those cycles will affect the external forces you may encounter, and the inner feelings and moods you are likely to feel in response.

Your Monthly Forecast describes the specifics of the current and following month (for 12 months). Will you be more energetic? Exceptionally emotional? Is it a month for bold moves or better spent in quiet reflection?

Expanded in 2016, Decoz reports now integrate numbers that have never been combined before, bringing even more insight and depth to your readings. View Sample Forecast


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Other Numerology Readings in the Collection


Decoz Numerology Profile reading now with added chapters and illustrations from your numerology chart The Yearly Numerology Reading forecasting Essence cycles, Transit cycles, Personal Year, Month, and Day cycles. Now included Dualities. The Diamond Spirit report is a unique numerology reading based on the first nine letters of your name.
The Relationship Compatibility numerology reading can be used for romantic partners, as well as with anyone else Numerology reading focused on relationship compatibility yearly cycles between romantic partners or any other kind of relationship Monthly Relationship Compatibility numerology reading. Looks exclusively at the monthly cycles.
The Talent Profile is a numerology reading exclusively available from Decoz. Focuses on 79 personality traits and 34 vocations. A Lucky Number feature available from Decoz based on numerology. Inner Reflection numerology readings help you understand how experiences on th physical plane affect your spiritual growth and vice versa.
Numerology can tell you a lot about to what extent you are still influenced by your ancestors, or how much of their DNA you inherited. The Name Advisor analyzes names and tells you how they affect people based on their numerology chart. The Name Advisor for Business is a great numerology tool for anything to do with marketing or advertising.
One of the free numerology tools that come with our app. The Phone number analyzer is another free numerology feature. The Lost Object Finder uses numerology to help you find things you lost.
The DecozChart is a numerology chart making program that comes free with the numerology software. The Proportional Chart is a whole new way of looking at an individual's numerology chart. The free Numerology Chart Calculator is available immediately upon installing the software.


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Your Personal Daily Forecast, DecozChart, Chart Calculator, Proportional Numerology Chart, Address Analyzer, Phone Number Analyzer, Lost Object Finder.

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The World Numerology app includes 18 different report types, as well as a Free Daily Forecast, blogs, and other resources
  • Evolving for more than 30 years, the database driving our Decoz Numerology Collection is many times larger than that of our nearest competitor

  • NEW or IMPROVED: The Integrated Personality Profile, the Yearly Forecast (now with overlapping cycles), Relationship Profiles and Forecasts, Talent Profile, Diamond Report, Ancestral Influences, Inner Reflection Reading, Name Advisors for Individuals and Business, and more

  • The cost of a single reading from one of the dozens of websites who offer our previous versions is about the same or higher, than our complete Decoz Numerology Collection

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