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The main numerology reading, the Personality Profile  READINGS & CHARTS

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The main numerology reading, the Personality Profile  PERSONALITY PROFILE

Our 32-page Personality Profile will touch you like no other - the depth and accuracy of this report is legendary. First offered in 1987, this extensive, deeply personal reading reveals over 40 aspects in your chart, including 12 areas not found in any other numerology reading.

The Personality Profile describes what makes you You by analyzing your temperament, attributes and talents. It helps you recognize traits that may have held you back and suggests ways to improve them. Discover a new perception of your strengths, motivation, and true purpose. Sample reading...


The Yearly Forecast numerology reading YEARLY & MONTHLY FORECAST

The Yearly Forecast gives you a heads up on the energy and influences during the following year. Monthly forecasts are included, detailing specific aspects and changes. Will you be more energetic or exceptionally emotional? Is it a month for bold moves or better spent in quiet reflection? The next 12 months are revealed in detail.

Dualities are a new addition to this report. They describe the combined effect of your Essence and Personal Year cycles – a unique feature of Decoz reports. This revealing aspect adds an additional dimension to your Yearly Forecast. Sample reading...

The Diamond Spirit report DIAMOND SPIRIT REPORT

Based on one of the oldest methods of Divination, the Diamond Spirit report reveals the way your experiences in the physical world affect your spiritual awareness, and how your spiritual development affects you on the material level. The expanded version now includes overlapping Diamonds, providing a more in-depth reading. A yearly report. Sample reading...


Numerology Relationship Compatibility Reading RELATIONSHIP COMPATIBILITY

Your Relationship Profile compares important characteristics between you and your partner, friend, or associate. It notes similarities and differences in your personality, interests, approach to romance, social situations, and other important issues. (Unlimited, check your compatibility with as many people as you wish) Sample reading...

Relationship Compatibility Yearly Forecast, numerology report RELATIONSHIP FORECAST YEARLY

The Yearly Relationship Forecast describes the Essence and Personal Year cycles for you and your partner or another individual, along with commentary on how your similarities and differences could affect the relationship. (Unlimited, check your compatibility with as many people as you wish for 1 year) Sample reading...

The Monthly Relationship Compatibility numerology reading RELATIONSHIP MONTHLY

The Monthly Relationship Forecast allows you to view individual influences and differences that could create conflict or added fun during the current and following month. (Unlimited, check your compatibility with others for 1 year) Sample reading...

Numerology Talent Profile report TALENT PROFILE

Visually charts your strengths, talents, and weaknesses. This unique report examines 74 traits and 39 vocations based on the numbers found in your chart. View graphs and descriptions that reveal your aptitude in a wide range of careers and other areas. Sample reading...


You have a small range of Lifetime Lucky Numbers as well as numbers that favor you during a particular year, month, or day. Check your Lucky Numbers daily for 1 year. Sample reading...

The Inner Reflection numerology reading INNER REFLECTION READING

The Inner Reflection reading could be called the I Ching of Numerology. This reading allows your subconscious to select a range of numbers that reveal your state of mind on a profoundly deep level. (Create 12 readings - a yearly report) Sample reading...

The Ancestral Influences numerology report ANCESTRAL INFLUENCES

The Ancestral Report uncovers the influence of your ancestors by analyzing family names. Discover which traits and talents you share with different branches of your family tree. (Analyze 12 surnames - a yearly report) Sample reading...

The Name Advisor for Business numerology reading NAME ADVISOR FOR BUSINESS

The ideal tool for naming your business or products. The Business Name Advisor describes the energy a name conveys and the impression it leaves on those who encounter it. (Analyze 24 names - a yearly report) Sample reading...

The Name Advisor for People numerology reading NAME ADVISOR FOR PEOPLE

The Name Advisor for People analyzes the character traits, strengths, and shortcomings inherent in a person's name. Use it when considering a baby's name or your own name change. (Analyze 24 names - a yearly report) Sample reading...

The Free Address Analyzer ADDRESS ANALYZER

The Address Analyzer describes the energy and influence behind any street name and number. (FREE) Sample reading...

The Free Phone Number Analyzer PHONE NUMBER ANALYZER

The Phone Number Analyzer helps you find a number that most closely expresses the energy you with to integrate. (FREE) Sample reading...

The Free Lost Object Finder numerology reading LOST OBJECT FINDER

Based on the idea that your subconscious retains the memory of the last time you had the item in your possession, the Lost Object Finder delivers a technique to help you access locked memories. (FREE) Sample reading...

The Free Decoz Numerology Chart NUMEROLOGY CHARTMAKER

Used by professionals worldwide, this revolutionary chart was developed by Decoz in 1981 and computerized in 1987. Updated in 2016, the chart displays an artistic visual overview of your relevant numbers and cycles from age 0 to 100. (FREE) Sample reading...

The Free Proportional Chart PROPORTIONAL CHART

This unique graph displays the relative dominance and influence of each of the nine single digit numbers in your chart, based on their location and the frequency in which they appear. (FREE) Sample reading...

The Free Numerology Chart Calculator CHART CALCULATOR

Numerology the old-fashioned way; a complete list of every number in your chart. (FREE) Sample reading...



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