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Personal Numerology Reports

Own the largest numerology collection on the internet – 18 reports – 6 free. Unique algorithms create your in-depth reports, accessed through your personal World Numerology Software. Learn more...



Learn numerology

Free Numerology Course

Hans’ audio course & workbook teach you how to calculate complete personal numerology charts, relationship profiles, and future forecasts. Learn more...



Work your way through your own numerology chart, and learn in the process

Do-It-Yourself Numerology

Use this step-by-step method to create your own chart, and follow along as Hans guides you to discover more about your talents, challenges, and personality. Learn more...

Three free numerology charts are included

Free Numerology Charts

Create the renowned Decoz Numerology Chart, the new and unique Proportional Chart, and the Chart Calculator for as many people as you like – for free. Learn more...



Over a hundred numerology articles on this website

Numerology Articles

Dive into 100+ articles on numerology. Read about the meaning of letters and numbers, how your name and birthdate affect you, plus obscure and little known secrets. Learn more...



Free Numerology Birthday Cards

Birthday Cards

Send a numerology birthday card to everyone you know. Our playful e-cards describe the significance of the day they were born, summarizing their traits and talents. Learn more...

The World Numerology Collection comes in the World Numerology Software

Numerology App

Our free World Numerology software houses the full Decoz catalogue of 18 readings. Access your reports instantly from any computer, or purchase gift reports for others through this innovative application. For personal use – 6 free reports.. Learn more...



What is in the numerology app; readings, charts, and charting tools

A Portal To Your Readings

Over the years, Decoz' range of numerology readings has grown extensively. Now at well over 200 pages, it has become too large to print. To keep it manageable, we developed a cool free app that allows you to revisit your reports at your leisure. Learn more...



The Free Daily Number Numerology Forecast can be viewed on the app, or on this website.

Free Daily Forecast

The Daily Number Forecast is based on four numbers for each day. These double and single-digit numbers are derived from your date of birth, making it more specific and personal to you. Learn more...

Numerologist Hans Decoz was born in Amsterdam in 149. He became involved in numerology in 1969.

Meet Master Numerologist Hans Decoz

Dutch numerologist Hans Decoz has long been one of the world’s leading and most trusted numerologists, first releasing his highly acclaimed profiles and forecasts in 1987. Since that time, professionals across the globe have relied on his work for its depth, meaning, and sophistication.

In 2013, Hans developed a groundbreaking algorithm that combines numbers and examines the way they influence and affect each other, providing a greater level of accuracy and personalization. After years in development, his Next Generation Numerology Reports are now available through the World Numerology software application. Read more...

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