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NUMEROLOGY;Your Personal Year Cycles, and your Transit and Essence Cycles.


Excerpted from Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self.

Cycles and Patterns.

Time, which is the author of authors.
-- Francis Bacon

In modern life, we tend to see time as linear. For example, we usually see our lives as a linear progression from birth to death. But in all traditional cultures, in both East and West, time is seen as being circular, or even spiral. This is based on how we really experience time in nature. The seasons, for example, are more cyclical than linear. So, too, are the patterns of the sun and the moon, and the cycles that are at the very foundation of our lives: breathing in and breathing out; waking and sleeping; and even birth and death.

These are some of the cycles that make up our lives. When you think about it, your life is a never-ending pattern of cycles, some of which are so identifiable that you may even recognize certain kinds of experiences, or lessons learned, during their duration. You may have had to learn a certain lesson during a particular time in your life, and then, later on, had to address that same lesson from another point of view.

For example, at various times in your life, you have had to learn how to deal with authority figures. Later, you may have encountered new authorities and your accumulated knowledge had to be put to good use. You may even have had to become the authority figure yourself, at which point all your accumulated knowledge -- from being both a follower and a leader -- had to be utilized. At that point, another cycle had run its course.

Our lives are based upon knowledge and wisdom that is accumulated over many years and many cycles, and that is continually being utilized in the patterns of our development.

In numerology, there are numerous cycles connected to your name and date of birth. Some of these cycles are long-term cycles, as long as twenty-seven years or even longer, while others are of shorter duration, ranging form nine days to nine years.

Most of these cycles are based upon nine stages of development, and proceed according to the nine cardinal numbers. This is not an arbitrary choice, but actually a recognition of an organic pattern of development in our lives.

The Personal Year Cycle.

The first and foremost of the several cycles that influence your experience of life is the Personal Year cycle.

In numerology, each year of your life is part of an evolving pattern that can be described as a nine-year cycle or epicycle. These cycles begin at your birth and progress, one by one, through nine steps that complete an epicycle, and then begin again.

The epicycle starts with a 1 Personal Year, progresses to the 2 Personal Year, and so on to the 9 Personal Year. Each epicycle has a particular tone or character that is distinguished by the opportunities offered, and by the lessons to be learned during that period.

Each numbered year has its own characteristics, as symbolized by the number itself: A 1 Personal Year has all the qualities the number 1 has, just as the 2 Personal Year has the 2 qualities. At the same time, the epicycle is also influenced by other shorter and larger cycles that are at play. These cycles include the Transits, Essence numbers, and long-term cycles. But the influences that are most clearly identifiable are the Personal Year and the Essence numbers.

The Personal Years form the building steps that mark your progress through life.

How to Find Your Personal Year Number.

To find your Personal Year number for any given year, add the month and the day of your birth, plus the Universal Year number for that year. For example, someone born on May 15 finds his or her Personal Year number for 1998 by adding 5 (May) plus 6 (the fifteenth day) plus 9 (1998) to arrive at a Personal Year number of 20, which is reduced to 2.

NOTE: The Personal Year cycles are based on the Universal Year cycles and therefore run concurrent with the calendar year. A more in-depth explanation concerning the duration of this important cycle can be found under Tutorials - Personal Year Cycles. Transit and Essence cycles are based on the letters of your name and run from birth date to birth date.

The Personal Month and the Personal Day numbers.

Just as we evolve through a nine-year cycle, so, too, do we experience nine-month and nine-day cycles, even though their impact is subtle compared to the Personal Year cycle. The Personal Month and Personal Day cycles proceed according to the same pattern -- 1 through 9 -- that the Personal Year cycle does. The numbers within the monthly and daily cycles have a similar, though less pronounced, impact on us than the yearly cycle has.

We can think of the yearly, monthly, and daily cycles as spirals within spirals, all interconnected. In any case, the patterns are essentially the same. They widen and encompass greater sweeps of time -- daily, monthly, and yearly patterns -- thus becoming more profound and powerful as they grow.

How to Find Your Personal Month and Personal Day numbers.

To find your Personal Month, add the single-digit value of the month to your Personal Year number. For example, someone with a 5 Personal Year who wants to know his Personal Month for July should add the 5 (for the Personal Year cycle) to the 7 (for July) and arrive at 12, which is reduced to 3. July is a 3 Personal Month for someone in the 5 Personal Year.

To find your Personal Day number, add the number of the day to your Personal Month number and reduce the result to a single digit.


The Transits are found among the individual letters of your name, and are used in conjunction with the Essence Chart to provide additional information about your year ahead.

Your name can be viewed as a piece of music that vibrates in time. Your life, therefore, can be visualized as a musical score, with the individual letters making specific contributions at given points, just as notes in a musical piece are played at specific moments to give a piece of music its rhythm, character, and nuance. Each note or letter has a specific duration and influence over your life during a specific period of time.

How to Find Your Transits.

The Transits are derived from the letters of your first, middle, and last names. Each name provides information on a particular level of your consciousness: the physical, mental, and spiritual. The Physical Transit is derived from your first name; the Mental Transit from your middle name; and the Spiritual Transit from your last name. For those who do not have a middle name, the last name provides the Transit information for both the Mental and the Spiritual. For those who have more than one middle name, the middle names should be strung together into one long name. If you received more than one last name, string the last names together into one long last name.

For a complete description of how to calculate the Transits, please see the book Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self.


The Transits are the individual letters and individual influences. The Essence cycle number is the combined total of the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Transits that are influencing you during a particular year of your life.