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Do Your Own Numerology Reading

Your Third and Main Challenge

Your Third Challenge is found by subtracting your First Challenge from your Second Challenge or vice versa. If you wrote down your First and Second Challenge numbers, refer to your notes to subtract one from the other.

Click on your Third Challenge number to read its meaning.

The result of subtracting your First Challenge from your Second Challenge or vice versa, came to:

0 Your Third Challenge number is: 0

Your Third Challenge number is: 1

2 Your Third Challenge number is: 2
3 Your Third Challenge number is: 3
4 Your Third Challenge number is: 4
5 Your Third Challenge number is: 5
6 Your Third Challenge number is: 6
7 Your Third Challenge number is: 7
8 Your Third Challenge number is: 8


I downloaded your FREE version of your numerology software. I must say, I feel guilty using this software, as its absolutely amazing, both in functionality and ease of use. I feel as though I should pay you!!!! 
John Volek 11/19/2003

Hi there,
Working for more than 30 years with I CHING, RUNES and NUMEROLOGY, amongst other "tools," I AM highly impressed with the work of Hans Decoz.
In short, it is outstanding.
Wolfgang Litzenboerger 12/9/2003

Hello Hans,
I just want you to know that I'm very impressed with your system. I've dabbled in Numerology for many years feel very fortunate to have 'accidentally' found your programs through the search tools.
Thank you so much for your dedication to this specialized field.
Renne Rhae 12/9/2003

You have been wonderful to work with and so professional in your timely responses. Unfortunately, this is a rarity in today's world. Thank you!
Ginger Kelsey 12/13/2003

Congratulations on a very impressive program and if things progress in the right direction and the finances of forthcoming by may very well by the complete professional set of programs.
Martin B. 12/20/2003

Dear Hans:
Earlier during this year I bought the Numerology Master Program, standard version and your book. First, let me tell you that I am very satisfied and very happy with them. Indeed, I think this is the best numerology program in the market, no doubts. Congratulations!!!
Sergio Raimond 12/27/2003

Hi Hans
I have recently been purchasing your numerology software and I am absolutely amazed at the insight they are able to predict Eventually I will buy all your programs and update to the professional version. I have been interested in numerology and biorhythms now for the past 15 years on and off.
Love the product
Keep up the good work
Pete K. 1/1/2004

Dear Friend:
It has been some time since I last visited your site and I was amazed at what you offer. I have gone in the wrong direction for the past two years and lost a great deal of money in business ventures, I regret I didn't fully investigate your site before. Numerology has been my love and I should have pursued it. You give me new hope.
F. Laner 1/2/2004

Hi Hans:
Thanks a lot for your quick service, it´s great.
Yesterday I generated my complete report, I was really impressed with the accuracy and the way that information is gonna change my way of life. As someone else said on your site, It is too good for free!!!!!, By now I have my license and I can make reports for my children and close family.
After I have ordered I found that you have and spanish version, how can i acces to this version?
Again thanks a lot.
A. Wiedemann 1/16/2004

I’ve been interested in astrology and numerology for over 20 years now. I find that the biggest challenge is in the interpretation of the data. This is something that just cannot be done in software unless a significant amount of time and effort has been accurately invested. After downloading the sample today and running the personal report, I was astonished! The amount of detail and accuracy in the report is amazing. The scope of the report, from its profile of what has been, to its forecast of what’s to come, made me realize immediately the value of this tool. Thank you for your work.
–Rob 1/17/2004