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The Pinnacles are four long-term cycles, or periods, on our Life Path. Each Pinnacle represents a particular lesson we are working on. The first Pinnacle usually lasts from birth to between the ages of 30 and 35 (your specific Pinnacle periods are provided below). The middle two Pinnacles each last nine years. The last Pinnacle will stay with you for the remainder of your life.

Pinnacles and Period cycles in a numerology chart

The Pinnacles are very important. The transition from one Pinnacle to the next is always strongly felt. The transition from one Pinnacle to the next is usually prepared for approximately 2 years in advance. The latter part of that two year period is particularly strong. You will likely make some life-altering decisions -- marriage, job or career change, or any number of major changes in your character. Your Pinnacles reveal the general conditions and events you will experience during the period. The Pinnacle describes the atmosphere, or the essential challenge you will be faced with.

Perhaps the most strongly felt change -- internally as well as externally -- is the transition from the first to the second Pinnacle. This change usually takes place in your late 20s or early 30s -- the exact date depends on your Life Path number. You begin to feel the impact of this coming change approximately two years prior. This is usually a difficult transition, but once crossed provides a clear sense of direction.

In our numerology charting system, the triangles in the upper half of the star-shaped symbol show the four Pinnacle Cycles.

To find your First Pinnacle, add the numbers of your month and day of birth, arriving at a single-digit number. In our example of a person born March 23, 1987, the First Pinnacle is 3 plus 5 (23 = 5) is 8.

To find your Second Pinnacle, add the day you were born to the year of your birth. Here we add 5 plus 7 (1987 reduces to 7) is 12, which reduces to 3.

To find your Third Pinnacle, add the sum of the first and the second Pinnacles. In this case 3 plus 8 is 11. Since 11 is a Master number, we do not reduce it.

To find your Fourth and last Pinnacle, add your month and year of birth. Here 3 plus 7 is 10, which is 1.

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The Chinese translation of Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self. The Book Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self, initially published by Avery Publishing (Penguin-Putnam) in 1994, was published in Mandarin (Chinese) in 2002. It was previously translated into Russian, German, Dutch, and a few other languages.

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