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Numerology Software

Unlock the Mystery of Numerology with Decoz

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Using numerology to analyze House and Telephone Numbers.

Our Lucky Numbers software can be used to determine which numbers are favorable for you as house numbers, telephone numbers, etc.

Excerpted from the book:

Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self.

The numbers in your environment give indications that should not be ignored. Understanding their meaning and their purpose can help you to move along the path of life smoothly, and with less anxiety.

One of the most important and telling numbers is your house number. It foretells the kind of events and experiences, both positive and negative, that you will likely encounter during your stay in that house. As I explained elsewhere on this site, all numbers have a front and a back, a light side and a dark side. No one number is better than another, although you may want to avoid house numbers that reduce to a Karmic Debt number, such as 13, 14, 16, and 19. (See Karmic Debt Numbers for more about this subject.) A house with a Karmic Debt number will undoubtedly attract the attributes of that number to the people who inhabit it. You would welcome a house that carries a Karmic Debt only if: you are consciously and willingly looking for a breakdown of the old you; are aspiring to a path of deep soul-searching (16); or you feel a need to be alone and learn to find the strength inside of you to deal with life's challenges without the help and support of others (19).

You should judge a number to be desirable only in relation to your personal needs and hopes.

The house number is much more important than the street name, the influence of which is felt by all the individuals living in that street., and is therefore not as personal.

Similarly, your telephone number gives an indication of the contacts and communications that are channeled through this number. The area code and the first three digits are negligible for the same reason the street name is unimportant. Too many people share this combination of numbers. However, the last four digits of your telephone number are yours, and yours alone. (If you live outside the USA and your phone number is laid out differently, look for the numbers that identify you and you alone, i.e. ignore area codes, precinct numbers, etc.) You must focus on the numbers that you are not sharing with your neighbors or anyone else in the neighborhood.

Understanding your house or telephone number.

To understand your house or telephone number, you need to look at the single digit sum of the complete number.

First, add the digits together and reduce them to a single-digit number. You want to pay special attention to possible Master numbers and Karmic Debt numbers.
For example, a house number 3417 is 3 + 4 + 1 + 7 = 15,  1 + 5 = 6. The 6 in this case is the singular most important number, and would, taken by itself, be a good number for a house occupied by a family with children, because it is a family-oriented, domestic number.
There are three layers of information to be found in this delineation. First, contemplate the number 6, which is the sum of the individual digits. Next, look at the double-digit number of 15. This reveals that, in this case, 6 gives high marks to individualism and personal freedom (1 and 5). Finally, consider the individual numbers.

When you consider moving into a house that is very much to your liking,  I would not recommend passing it up just because the numbers do no add up to your personal favorites. If, however, the house number is unacceptable to you, it may be possible to have a different number assigned to the house.
You are more in control with telephone numbers. In my experience, the employee from the telephone company who assigns you your number is usually very helpful, and will allow you to choose an alternative number. I recommend taking advantage of that.

If you would like to know what the single digit meaning of your telephone number or house address means, click here.

Why buy numerology software?

Numerology software is simply a great tool and a wonderful way to offer insightful and beneficial information to all your friends, family members, and anyone else you care about for years to come. And it is relatively in-expensive. Our standard versions offer the exact same complete and in-depth numerology reports that our professional versions produce.
Decoz numerology software does not end with personality profiles and relationship compatibility reports. That is only a start. Our other programs are unique (no one else makes any software like it) and beneficial beyond any metaphysical program you can find. The Diamond software, for example, is the only numerology software of its kind that connects your Spiritual body with your Physical body in a way that makes sense and offers true guidance. The Name Advisor program is also unique, and offers practical advise in the naming of things by drawing from some of this system’s most secret algorithms. The ColorChartMaker is a handy tool and the only numerology charting program that prints a complete chart including ALL numbers found in the chart, and 49 years of cycles on a single, easy-to-oversee page.
Try us. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

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