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Finding lost objects with the help of numerology.

Every action you take and every observation you make, whether consciously, or distractedly, is permanently stored somewhere in your subconscious.

When a car passes by while you are talking to someone, the car may take up no more than a blur in your peripheral vision. Yet, it is recorded and stored permanently. It happened, your eye caught it and sent the information to the brain, and there it leaves an imprint. This is the case whether you have a good memory or not. Your ability to retrieve such information is another matter entirely.
In theory, it is possible to remember at a much later date, the license-plate number of the aforementioned car. In fact, this kind of thing is commonly achieved with the help of hypnosis.
Numerology can help you to take advantage of the vast storage room of information your subconscious contains by offering you a unique retrieval system.
Let's say, you have lost a ring. The only thing you know for sure is that you were there when you last had the ring in your possession.
Perhaps it fell out of your pocket, which caused a barely noticeable decrease in weight, or made a quiet "ploink" when it hit the carpet and rolled under the couch.
Or you put it somewhere and forgot it. Whatever happened, you do not discover the loss of your ring until several days later.

The moment you lost the ring, however, is stored in your subconscious.
The way to tap into that source is by exercising your subconscious.

Click here to find your lost object.

Recent Testimonials

Hi Hans:
Thanks a lot for your quick service, it´s great.
Yesterday I generated my complete numerology report, I was really impress with the accuracy and the way that information is gonna change my way of life. As someone else's testimonial on your site said, It is too good for free!!!!!.
I found that you have a spanish version. How can I get this version?
Again thanks a lot.
A Wiedemann

Dear Friend:
It has been some time since I last visited your site and I was amazed at what you offer.
I have gone in the wrong direction for the past two years and lost a great deal of money in business ventures, I regret I didn't fully investigate your site before.
Numerology has been my love and I should have pursued it. You give me new hope. I will be doing my best to obtain your book and your professional numerology software in March.
Frances L.


Hi Hans
I have recently been purchasing your numerology software and I am absolutely amazed at the insight they are able to predict. Eventually I will buy all your programs and update to the professional version.
I have been interested in numerology and biorhythms now for the past 15 years.
I have been doing the numerology reports for friends and relatives since installing your software. Love the product
Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much. I really like your software. In a world of such chaos and disruption it is good to see the wisdom of the ancients available to the people.

Dear Hans:
Earlier during this year I bought the Numerology Master Program, standard version and your book. First, let me tell you that I am very satisfied and very happy with them. Indeed, I think this is the best numerology program on the market, no doubt. Congratulations!!!

I noticed that you have a Spanish version of the program, and I wanted to ask you if I can switch, or upgrade. I live in Mexico and I speak English, but most of my friends and relatives don’t.
Thank you in advance, and happy holidays!!!
Sergio R.