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The Book That Has Become The Standard In Numerology!

The Workshop and Audio course

The book Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self, by Hans Decoz with Tom MonteNUMEROLOGY; Key To Your Inner Self, by Hans Decoz, with Tom Monte.  Published by Perigee Publishing.  295 pages. Quality paperback.

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In "NUMEROLOGY; Key To Your Inner Self", world-renowned numerologist Hans Decoz and accomplished writer Tom Monte have teamed together to produce an easy-to-understand guide that introduces the reader to the basic concepts and applications of numerology.

The book begins with a fascinating explanation of what numerology is and an intriguing look at the philosophy that lies behind it.  It then examines how numerology works, focusing on the numeric meanings of personal names, birth dates, and language in general.  Included is a step-by-step guide to calculating your own numbers and interpreting them in chart form.  Special attention has been paid to keeping the math simple and un-intimidating, and to emphasize how numerology can personally apply to the reader.

Over the past twenty-five years, Hans Decoz has developed his professional numerology practice with a passion for presenting his clients with a clear understanding of the order of nature.  It has made him one of the leading authorities in the field, and has established new standards in the quality and depth of numeric analysis.

The Complete Numerology Workshop

This is undoubtedly the most extensive and complete numerology course/workshop you can find.  It is, in fact, an exact and complete replica of Decoz's famous 2-week workshop, now free on our website.

Throughout this course, you will find links that, when clicked, automatically start playing audio lectures by Hans Decoz, covering that particular subject in more depth.  This makes the process of learning numerology more efficient, much easier, and more enjoyable than conventional methods.

The workshop covers everything from the most basic material to the more advanced techniques, including all aspects of the personality profile, all long- medium- and short-term cycles, relationship compatibility, house and telephone numbers, the Diamond, double-digit numbers, and much more.

The course guides you through the layout of the charts step-by-step.

The Charts produced with the ChartMaker (included with the free software and located in the Free Stuff section of the master program (downloadable here) were designed by Hans Decoz and are based on the Pythagorean system as it has been practiced for centuries.  The symbols and algorithms used in the charts are consistent with established methods as used by the majority of professional numerologists.