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Your Fourth Pinnacle Cycle is 1:

This is a period requiring much independence, courage, resiliency, and initiative. You must bounce back after many difficult experiences. The challenge of this Pinnacle is to gain will power.
There is not a lot of support from others or from family. You must draw from your own strength. You will have to guard against self pity or surrender.
Keep focused on your dreams. This Pinnacle will require an iron will to keep hold of your goals, and also the flexibility to maneuver around difficulties, and bend with the winds of adversity.
This is a period of rapid self-improvement and growth. You will be forced to use every talent and capability you possess. You will need to be resourceful. You must continually put out effort, but with it comes great reward. Without it, there is no accomplishment nor satisfaction, only a negative attitude toward life.
Be careful not to become too self centered, headstrong or self important. Be strong but flexible. Be open to the counsel of others, but make up your own mind.
The benefit of this Pinnacle number is a strong sense of your individuality and strength. You will know what you are made of. There are many hidden gifts in this period, perhaps the greatest of which is faith.
Your Pinnacle provides you with the characteristics of leadership, boldness, and daring. You will have many unconventional ideas and the skill and courage to make them a reality. Your abilities to manage and organize people and institutions are greatly enhanced. You have vision and confidence in the worth of your dreams.
These characteristics provide great opportunity for success and major accomplishments.

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Customer Reviews. Avg. Customer Review: 5 Stars.

Hans Decoz & Tom Monte - Numerology: Key to Your Inner Self, March 25, 2000

Reviewer: Nikola from Zagreb, Croatia

From the beginning of the last year I have started to study numerology. I had a fortune that I found a book of Mr. Decoz and Mr. Monte on your site. I can say that this book has helped me a lot in understanding some deep aspects of inner human nature. His direct and clear explanations can help anyone not only numerologists in their understanding of this science. I recommend it.

Nikola, Croatia


An accurate, concise treatment of Numerology, September 18, 1998

Reviewer: An Customer

This is the text that we recommend to our beginning students. It is a worthwhile investment for anyone who wishes to understand Numerology. The basics are understandable to the beginner. There is enough detail to make it a reference source for the advanced student.

The section on finding lost articles is fun to follow. It may not be tested scientifically, but the results are often on target.

If you only buy one book on Numerology, this should be it!