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Numerology Course - page 34.


A Transit

You have a mental approach to practical matters. This is a period of change, activity, progress, and creativity. The letter A adds independence and leadership to your personality. There can be quite a bit of travel and possibly a change of residence.
You can expect promotion and opportunities. There may also be a real breakthrough in your awareness and perspective of life.

B Transit

You may be more emotional and shy than usual. You have a strong need for love and can fall prey to emotional love- affairs. You have to watch for problems with health, especially related to your nervous system. You need plenty of rest. Be receptive, listen to the advice of others.

There will be improvement in your career due to your sensitivity and diplomacy. Others are attracted to you and want to help you in your endeavors.

C Transit


You will be better able to express yourself. You are more creative and original. You will be intuitive and may experience premonitions or other psychic experiences. You feel more adventurous and make several new friends. There will be an increase in social events. You are capable of self-promotion. This is a good time for business, especially sales.

D Transi

You have to keep an eye on your health and may want to reevaluate your diet and exercise habits. Preventive health measures go a long way. You will have to work at expressing your feelings this year and may want a loving shoulder to cry on. Your love relationships may be somewhat strained, but it will be easier if you are able to share your feelings. There is opportunity for growth and an increase in self- confidence. There will be travel.

E Transit

You will feel inspired and helpful. There can be change in career, travel, and possibly another residence. You are attracted to new and adventurous experiences, including love affairs. There can also be marriage. Although this is a good letter for finances there may be a lack of focus and a more frivolous attitude, which will adversely effect your chances of real material progress. You feel attracted to new religions and philosophical ideas.

F Transit

This is a period of much soul searching and spiritual growth. There will be plenty of hard work and responsibility, both at home and on the job. You will begin to doubt old and established ideas and patterns. During this year you are intuitive and sensitive but less clear about what you want out of this life. You will need to turn inward, contemplate and meditate. You may have a tendency to play the martyr during this time; sacrificing too much. However, this is likely an avoidance of responsibility rather than an act of genuine selfless love. There will be more than enough opportunity to help and give comfort, however, because many people will come to you for guidance and a shoulder to cry on.

G Transit

This is a time of contradicting forces. There is a promise of financial gain, yet there is also a warning not to seek reward for yourself. The G is both mental and spiritual. There can be success and happiness, if it is not sought after. You will feel alone and lonely many times during this year and will spend time in meditation and contemplation. There is also a strong tendency to spend much time brooding. Your self-expression is high but you tend to stay on the surface. You act secretive and self- contained. You will be more impulsive than usual particularly in emotional matters.

H Transit

Your mind will be very active during this year. Your thoughts are surprisingly unconventional. You come up with original, even inventive ideas. This is an ambitious time and self-promotion will pay of. Advancement and success are possible. You have self-discipline and a clear understanding of what you want. Emotionally you are a little vulnerable and in need of love and attention.

I Transit

This is a very emotional time with many ups and down's. You are high-strung and vulnerable to stress. You are somewhat accident prone. You need to develop calmness, centeredness, and an acceptance of life. You must control your moods and not slip into feelings of self-pity and insecurity. At the same time you are very competitive and have the opportunity to achieve success and financial reward.

J Transit

You will have more initiative during this period and may change career direction. There will be opportunities to increase your earnings, however, you will have to research all the details and possible consequences of your actions. Avoid any shortcuts. New responsibilities come into your life. There may be a change of residence. After an initial period of emotional ups and downs, you will experience a form of rebirth and realization, giving you renewed confidence

K Transit

You will be extremely intuitive during this period. Revelations and spiritual break-throughs are far more possible. You will associate yourself with new people and business endeavors. Your creativity and inner drive are stronger than usual. You will need to cooperate more and share responsibilities with others. You will experience many strange and unusual events and situations. This may take a toll on your nerves, especially because you are so sensitive. The letter K in the Transit is often associated with fame and fortune. You must guard against dishonesty, discretion, and exaggeration.

L Transit

This is not a time to hurry. You want to carefully and thoroughly consider your path, plans, and future. This is a mental time, a time to think and look for the deeper meaning of your desires and expectations. Try to take all available opportunities to travel. Involvement with the arts and expressing your own creativity is highly rewarding during this time. You will make new friends easily. This is also a favorable time for marriage. However, thoughtlessness and careless action may cause you to lose friends and resources.

M Transit

This is a time for hard work and a practical approach. You may appear reticent which can create distance between you and those who are close to you. Make an effort to express your feelings to those close to you. Relationships may be demanding and require more sacrifice. Think carefully before making important decisions. Do not be impulsive and don't let your mood-changes influence your direction. Take your time!

N Transit

You will have opportunities to expand your horizons. There will be adventurous experiences and travel. A change of residence is very possible. This is a dynamic time with many new activities. You will make some important social contacts. You search for love and fulfillment. Sacrifice, adaptability and flexibility are called for. You will also be concerned with finances and may worry too much about these matters. You tend to be forgetful during this time. You will also feel more sensual than usual. Physical exercise is important during this period.

O Transit

This is a time of strong emotional experiences, which can affect your health if you let it. You may find yourself worrying unduly. There is much responsibility placed on your shoulders, with sensitive emotional issues involved. You will find yourself more interested in religious and physical studies. Your leadership abilities are enhanced during this time.

P Transit

Many unexpected events take place during this period. It is a time in which you feel less in control. Do not take any unnecessary risks. Your reflexes are not as fast as usual. You may experience confusion and disappointment in relationships. You have difficulty expressing yourself during this period. This is a time to focus on spiritual development. There will be recognition for your skills and talents, possibly resulting in a promotion or business success. But this is more a time for spiritual growth, than financial.

Q Transit

Your intuition and intelligence are greatly enhanced under the influence of the Q. You will have many original ideas and may invent something. Your problem-solving skills are excellent at this time. However, you are more unstable and erratic now. You will attract some highly unusual and eccentric people and will have to guard against impulsive actions. This is a good time for financial growth. You have a strong need for recognition and power. You may experience a major change in your work environment.

R Transit

You have much understanding and insight during this time. It is a time in which you have to deal with money, power, and authority. You have an opportunity to elevate your financial status and personal growth. This is a time in which you will meet the best and the worst. You have to exercise caution in everything you do and every decision you make. Be aware of your surroundings.

S Transit

Your feelings run deep and your awareness is higher than usual. It is a period of rebirth and awakening, especially of hidden aspects of your personality. Freedom in a very real and lasting sense can be your reward. You will experience sudden changes in all aspects of your life, accompanied with spiritual and mystical revelations. Your dreams may be rather intense and should be looked into for messages and understanding of your unconsciousness. There will be confrontations with strong-willed people to test the strength of your convictions. This is an exciting time full of surprises and extraordinary events.

T Transit

This is a time of strain and high-strung emotions. You are willing to sacrifice and carry your burdens heroically, but you will have to guard against self-pity. You will benefit from solitude and meditation. You are looking for new activities and are eager to learn. You have a strong desire for knowledge. This is a good and rewarding time for business and new partnerships but you have to guard your territory against those seeking to interfere in your work. There will be opportunities to travel and see the world.

U Transit

This is an intuitive and sensitive time in which you may find yourself unwilling to put out much effort. You lack motivation and initiative. A lot of old and long forgotten emotional issues may surface. People you have not heard from in a long time will call upon you. Relatives and family may require effort and attention. You have much creativity and enhanced self-expression. Use it and promote yourself.

This Transit offers an opportunity for great achievements in the arts, especially in writing, acting and music.

V Transit

The letter V is the most mystical and spiritually powerful of numbers. You will be very intuitive, experiencing revelations and moments of deep religious understanding. You will be very inspired but will need time alone to contemplate your thoughts. Financially this is also a good time. You will have opportunities to invest in promising enterprises. You pay off old debts and experience increased prosperity. You will have to keep a tight control over your projects and listen carefully to your intuition.

W Transit

This is a time to let go of the past and accept change with open arms. The letter W introduces many new activities and exciting events. You will find yourself behaving erratically at times and totally unpredictable. You will have to control this tendency in order to prevent chaos and unpleasant results. This can be a time of explosive growth, but self discipline is absolutely necessary. You may find yourself involved in legal matters and in all probability on the winning end. Your health needs special attention during this period.

X Transit

You may feel more vulnerable under the influence of this letter. Your emotions are prone to turmoil. Avoid unconventional groups or ideas for the time being. Wait until your judgement is better. Adjustments are necessary in all areas of your life but will be felt mostly in the areas of love and sexuality. You may find yourself involved in a secret liaison, which can cause you much trouble. The positive aspects of the Transit are the opportunities for purification and sacrifice. You may receive public attention and gain a certain amount of respect for your unselfish actions. You are aware of your need for guidance in spiritual matters. You have the ability to move fast and decide quickly. There can be much progress on the material level, and considerable financial gain.

Y Transit

This is a time of spiritual growth and perception of higher realms. You are very intuitive and psychic perceptions will take place. Soul-searching and meditation are extremely beneficial to you during this time. Your sense of direction is somewhat clouded, inspiring serious self-examination. You are in search of new friends and contacts with others of similar intellectual needs. There may be some minor health problems. You should avoid stimulants and extreme foods.

Z Transit

This is an inspiring time. You can overcome limitations and see enormous progress in your life. Financially this is a good time as long as you put your faith in hard work and avoid schemes. You are able to make accurate judgments based on sound intuition. A new and unusual relationship will cause many changes in your life, which may include a change of residence.


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