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Numerology Software

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Numerology Software

Unlock the Mystery of Numerology with Decoz

Purchase our two most popular Numerology software options in one package for 33% off

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Numerology Software

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The Decoz Software

Upgrades and warranties

Creating numerology reports

Payment Options

Do you accept PayPal?

  • Yes! We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and PayPal.

Other questions about our numerology software?

What NOT to do when downloading/installing numerology software.

  • It is best not to put a setup file (setup.exe) on your Desktop.  A setup file is a file that installs the actual software — it is NOT the actual program.  Instead, put the setup file in a folder, preferably a folder you created specifically for files downloaded from the web.
  • This will keep you from accidentally clicking the setup file and inadvertantly re-installing the software.
  • Never put more than one copy of Decoz software on your computer.

If you ever lose your Decoz numerology software or your activation code, you can download and replace your software any time 24/7-365, from this site.

Click here to download the free numerology software, which also includes all of the Premium programs we offer.

Wrong activation code for my numerology software.

If the activation code we sent you does not work, it means we have a different license number on file than the one that was assigned to you during installation.  The license number the numerology master program assigns to you is made up of the first letter of your first name, the first three letters of your last name, and your date of birth.  If we entered it differently in our data base than you did when you installed the software, the activation code will not work, because the code works only with the correct license number.  None of this is a problem.  Simply click here to request a new activation code.  We will reply with the correct activation code ASAP.

Missing numerology text archive error message.

Most often, this is caused by renaming, moving, or altering files inside of your C:\Decoz folder, or because the software was moved to a different hard drive, or copied to a new computer without going through the setup routine (using the setup file), or the file somehow got corrupted.  The easiest thing to do is simply remove and replace the software (See instructions below).

To remove or replace Decoz Numerology software.

  • In order to remove and replace or update your Decoz Numerology software, please follow the directions below:
  • Go to Start>Programs>Decoz>Remove Decoz Numerology to remove the software from your hard drive.
  • If, after removing Decoz Numerologyyou still have a Decoz icon on your desktop, delete it (right-click, then Delete).
  • Click here to download the free Numerology Master program.  (See instructions below.)
  • During installation you will be prompted to enter your name and date of birth.
  • Following download and installation, start the program by clicking the icon on your desktop or go to Start>Programs>Decoz>Decoz Numerology.
  • Click on License/Upgrade/Add and enter your activation code.  (If you don't have an activation code, click here.)

Getting a "No license has been issued" error message.

Most often, this is the result of having more than one Decoz Numerology master program open on your desktop.  Close all programs, then open the Decoz program only once.
Sometimes, the software has become corrupted.  In that case, you will want to remove and replace the software (see directions above).


Warranties on our numerology software.

  • If you are not happy with our software, simply send us an email and we will tell you what to do to get a full refund.  (This is valid for 30 days after purchasing.)
  • Once you purchase one of our programs, you are in our data base.  Any time you need to replace your software (computer crash, new computer, whatever the reason), simply download a new numerology master program from our site, then enter your activation code.  (Click here if you don't have one.)

You don't need a CD back up for our numerology software.

You can download and install a new version at your convenience, 24/7, from this site.  Not only is this convenient, it also ensures that you install the most recent version.  Unlike 99 out of a 100 other software developers, we don't charge for updates.

I want to upgrade my current versions.

Upgrading is activating more Premium programs.  Simply place your order via our secure order form and we will send you a new activation code, this will upgrade your new programs automatically.

I want to add more programs to my current numerology master program.

Place your order via our secure order form and we will send you a new activation code, this will unlock and activate the additional programs you ordered.


Create numerology reports and charts.

Our Numerology software is exceedingly easy to use.  You should be making reports and charts within minutes following installation of the programs.  However, the software also comes with an extensive Help manual built in.
The Help manual in the top menu bar covers pretty much every aspect of this software and how to create reports.

Locating reports you have already done.

Clicking the Reports command in the program's top menu bar opens a window showing all the reports you have done in alphabetical order.  You can also find this Reports folder on your hard drive at C:\Decoz\Reports.

I get a "can't open .rtf file" when I try to open a report.

The program is accessing your word processor but either can't find it, or your word processor will not open .rtf (Rich Text Format) files.  Since .rtf is one of the most common text file extension, the problem is probably that the Decoz Master program can't find your word processor.  You can establish a path to your preferred word processor by opening your Preferences dialog box, then click on the Wordprocessor button.


If you lost the activation code to your numerology software.

Please click here.