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Affiliates earn 5% to 15%. Average sale during 2003: $87. Excellent and easy to use tracking records give you full access to detailed reports showing resulting visitors, sales, and commissions. Monthly pay-out.

(If you have a Spanish or Portuguese site, please click here.)

As an affiliate you may offer one or more of the following options:

1) Offer your visitors our Numerology Intro Kit on CD. The CD includes several numerology programs and the most complete Numerology workshop available, and costs only $19. Commission: $1.45 up to $4.35 per sale.

  1. A somewhat smaller version of our Individual Personality Profiles and Future Forecasts numerology software program. Creates 12 to 15 page personality profiles and 5 to 25 page Future Forecasts.
  2. A smaller version of our Relationship Compatibility software program. Produces 5 to 10 page relationship compatibility reports.
  3. Three other programs design to analyze your address, analyze your phone number, and find lost objects with the help of numerology.
  4. The book Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self, by Hans Decoz, in e-book format with almost 60 extra pages.
  5. 7+ hours of audio lectures by Hans Decoz, explaining all aspects of numerology in more depth than any book on the market today.

2) Offer the complete bundle of 6 numerology programs (standard versions) for $199. Commission: $9.95 up to $29.85 per sale. This package includes 6 numerology software programs plus everything listed under option 1 above:

  1. Our Complete Individual Personality Profiles and Future Forecasts program
  2. Our Complete Relationship Compatibility program
  3. Our unique Name Advisor program
  4. The ColorChartMaker program
  5. The Lucky Number program
  6. The Diamond

3) The complete bundle of 6 numerology programs (professional versions) for $399. This package includes the 6 numerology software programs listed above, but professional versions. Commission: $19.95 up to $59.85 per sale.


Fill out the form below. We create an affiliate log in page for you. You copy and paste (from your affiliate page) a line of code on the page on your site, where you plan to direct visitors to our site. The link will open a new browser window so you don't loose your visitors.

When you are logged in as an affiliate, you can:

  • Modify your personal data (address, email address, etc.)
  • Change your Password
  • My Commission (view your commissions)
  • My Affiliate Code (copy the code required for the page on YOUR site allowing us to track your visitor)
  • List all visitors (that came from your site)
  • Track Resulting Sales (view each sale and the visitor's tracking info)
  • My Property (view/print your data)
  • My Sales (view all sales made to visitors that came from your site

We pay commissions on the 10th day of each month, unless the total of your commissions is less than $100 - in that case we roll your commissions over to the next month.


We would like you to download and install our free software in order to promote our software to your discretion. Of course, glowing recommendations on your site will increase sales and commissions.

Our commissions are generous - see below. If you are interested, please fill out the form below and we will reply with a user name/password and the link to our affiliate log in page.

Contact name:
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E-mail address:
Day-time phone:
Preferred Option(s):



Commissions vary from 5% to 15% and are based on the promotional material on your site, and resulting sales.

  • A banner link to our site on your home page pays 5%
  • A banner link to our site plus a review of our software and/or a promotional text: 10%
  • A banner link plus strong promotional material such as reviews and articles, and sales of $2500 or more per month: 15%.

All the material you need to create promo pages and reviews of the software can be found on our web site.

We will be glad to place a link to your site, or, if you have an affiliate program, we may be interested in signing up.

If you have suggestions or ideas you think might work better for you, please let us know.

For more information, please contact us.

I'm delighted with the software and my clients are too.
Best wishes,
Malcolm Mill 9/9/2004

Just wanted to say thanks again for the brilliant software - have done several numerology readings for friends and they are in awe. truley amazing - keep up the good work, so glad i discovered your site.
Kind regards'
Stephen Lovering 9/4/2004

I have used your numerology program for a number of people here in Australia and England, and have received some wonderful feedback. They love it, and so do I. So thank you for making this available for people like me.
yours sincerly,
Brenda Phillips 8/22/2004