18 Personal Numerology Readings and Numerology Charts included in a single, easy to access package!

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Many websites offer numerology readings generated by Decoz older software, including at least four of the ten highest ranking numerology sites on the Internet. Their readings, done with Decoz' older software, cost anywhere from $39 to $129. The collection we offer contains his recently improved and expanded reports, at significantly lower prices.

Download the collection to get Decoz' latest work at significant savings. The download is free and includes six numerology reports and charts - no purchase is required.

Upgrade whenever you want. The 32+ page Personal Numerology Reading, plus a complete Yearly Forecast, including monthly and daily cycles - about 180 pages - is only $19. Or get all other readings and charts as well, the whole collection, for only $30 more!




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The Integrated Personality Profile
Our Most Popular Personal Numerology Reading

Decoz previous version of the Personality Profile is offered through many different websites. The improved and expanded version is only available through the collection and our affiliate site numerology.com.

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The Yearly Forecast
The Yearly Forecast includes monthly and daily cycles

Decoz' new Yearly Forecast far outperforms the older versions. In addition, this is the only numerology forecast that includes a description of how overlapping cycles affect you.

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Your Premium Numerology Report, the Personality Profile + Yearly-Monthly-Daily Forecast is just $19
Or get the complete collection for only $30 more!
Numerology Relationship Profile
The Numerology Relationship Profile

Other Relationship Compatibility readings are generally limited to comparing the Life Path numbers. Our program looks at the Life Path, and all other core numbers in your numerology chart and that of your partner,

Unlimited, check your compatibility with as many people as you wish
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The Yearly Relationship Forecast
Yearly Relationship Forecast

No other relationship compatibility program looks at all the cycles. Included in our forecast are Essence and Personal Year cycles, as well as Transits.

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The Yearly Relationship Forecast
Monthly Relationship Forecast

The monthly forecast looks at the cycles in your numerology chart and compares them with that of your partner. This helps you adjust to changes and influences affecting you or your partner.

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The Numerology Diamond Report
The Numerology Diamond Spirit Report

This is one of the most unique and insightful numerology charting systems, and available only from Decoz. This report has been dramatically upgraded and now looks at both Diamond Spirits, instead of just one.

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Numerology Ancestral Influences Report
Family Tree Numerology, a.k.a. Ancestral Influences

Have you ever wondered to what extent you have inherited traits and qualities from your grandparents and beyond? This unique numerology reading looks at those influences and explains how they might affect you today.

12 per User
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Numerology Ancestral Influences Report
Numerology Name Advisor for People

This reading is focused specifically on how a name change affects a person. It also advises in your choices of names for a new-born.

24 Per User
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Numerology Ancestral Influences Report
Numerology Name Advisor for Business

Choosing the right name for a business or a product is crucial to your success. This numerology report analyzes how people perceive a name - as opposed to just looking at the qualities of the name itself.

24 Per User
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Numerology Talent Profile
The Talent Profile; a new kind of numerology reading

This report reveals the proportional presence of different traits and talents. It compares 79 character traits and 34 vocations. A great tool for career and business.

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Numerology Lucky Numbers software program
Lucky Number Analyzer

Some numbers are more favorable to you than others. Numerology uses a number of complex algorithms to find your Lucky numbers. Some are in place for life, others change yearly and even daily.

View Sample Lucky Numbers

Numerology Inner Reflections software
Inner Reflection Reading

This particular numerology chart system builds a bridge between your conscious intelligence, and your subconscious. Learn what really motivates you, what your real dreams are, and more.

12 Per User
View Sample Inner Reflection Reading

Address Analyzer numerology software program
Address Analyzer

The Address Analyzer describes the energy and influence behind an address name and number

View Address Analyzer

Phone Number analyzer numerology software
Phone Number Analyzer

The Phone Number Analyzer is a fun tool for finding the number that most closely expresses the energy you wish to integrate

View Phone Number Analyzer

Numerology - Lost Objects software
Lost Object Finder

Based on the idea that your subconscious retains the memory of the last time you had an item in your possession, the Lost Object Finder offers a technique to help you access locked memories

View Object Finder

Numerology Chart Calculator Software
Chart Calculator

Numerology the old-fashioned way—a simple list of each number in your chart

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DecozChart Numerology software
Decoz Chart System

Used by professionals worldwide, this revolutionary chart was developed by Hans in 1981 and computerized in 1987. Updated in 2015, the chart displays an efficient, artistic, and visual overview of your most relevant numbers and cycles

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Numerology Proportional Charting software
Proportional Chart

This new and unique perspective on your Numerology chart shows the relative dominance and influence of each of your nine single-digit numbers, based on their location and frequency in your chart

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