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The following sample numerology reports were done with Decoz' numerology programs.

A Complete Personality Profile and Future Forecast for Paul McCartney done with:

A Relationship Compatibility report for Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton done with: A Name Advisor report for Paul McCartney, done with: A Lucky Number report for Oprah Winfrey, done with: A Color Numerology Chart for Paul McCartney, done with: A short Personal Profile for John Hancock, done with: A numerology chart with the free ChartCalculator:

A numerology chart with the free black and white ChartMaker:

Why buy numerology software?

Numerology software is simply a great tool and a wonderful way to offer insightful and beneficial information to all your friends, family members, and anyone else you care about for years to come. And it is relatively in-expensive. Our standard versions offer the exact same complete and in-depth numerology reports that our professional versions produce.
Decoz numerology software does not end with personality profiles and relationship compatibility reports. That is only a start. Our other programs are unique (no one else makes any software like it) and beneficial beyond any metaphysical program you can find. The Diamond software, for example, is the only numerology software of its kind that connects your Spiritual body with your Physical body in a way that makes sense and offers true guidance. The Name Advisor program is also unique, and offers practical advise in the naming of things by drawing from some of this systemís most secret algorithms. The ColorChartMaker is a handy tool and the only numerology charting program that prints a complete chart including ALL numbers found in the chart, and 49 years of cycles on a single, easy-to-oversee page.
Try us. I promise, you wonít be disappointed!

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