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Advance your path to self-discovery as master numerologist Hans Decoz decodes your name and date of birth. Pinpoint your strengths, temperament, and in-born talents to confidently choose the most fulfilling career, lifestyle and relationships. Decoz readings are as close as you can get to a personal consultation, using the same comprehensive information and guidance he offers in individual sessions.


The most extensive and in-depth numerology readings on the internet; decoz numerology

Numerology Readings

Your personalized app includes 18 Charts, Forecasts, and in-depth Readings that analyze your traits, talents, challenges, strengths, and weaknesses – with insight on how to move forward with clarity and intention.


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Extended Daily Forecast, Decoz Charting system, Proportional Chart System, complete Chart Calculator


Relationship Compatibility Numerology Forecasts




Over a hundred numerology articles on this website

Numerology Software for Professionals

Professionals and businesses can now use the World Numerology App to offer Decoz' latest work without purchasing expensive software (for Mac & PC) Learn more...

Over a hundred numerology articles on this website

Numerology Articles

Dive into 100+ articles - read about the meaning of letters and numbers, how your name and birthdate affect you, plus obscure and little known secrets. Learn more...

Work your way through your own numerology chart, and learn in the process

Do-It-Yourself Reading

Use this step-by-step method to create your own chart, and discover more about your talents, challenges, and personality. Learn more...


What is in the numerology app; readings, charts, and charting tools

The Meaning of Numbers

Numbers have specific personalities. In combination, they contain the full spectrum of traits and qualities that make us who we are. Read a synopsis of each single digit number here


Learn numerology

Free Course

Hans’ audio course & tutorials teaches you how to calculate complete personal numerology charts, relationship profiles, and future forecasts. Learn more...


Free Numerology Birthday Cards

Birthday Cards

Send a birthday card to someone you know. Our playful e-cards describe the significance of the day they were born, summarizing their traits and talents. Learn more...



Meet Master Numerologist Hans Decoz

Numerologist Hans DEcoz


Dutch numerologist Hans Decoz has long been one of the world’s leading and most trusted numerologists, first releasing his highly acclaimed profiles and forecasts in 1987. Since that time, professionals across the globe have relied on his work for its depth, meaning, and sophistication.

In 2013, Hans developed a groundbreaking algorithm that combines numbers and examines the way they influence and affect each other, providing a greater level of accuracy and personalization. After years of development, his Next Generation Numerology Reports are now available through the World Numerology software application. Read more...


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