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The Decoz Numerology Chart

This unique charting system was first designed and developed by Decoz in 1982. In 1987 an AutoCAD (LISP) program was written that allowed charts to be produced by computer and pen-plotter. Quite a sophisticated endeavor in those days.

The full numerology chart - the latest version in Adobe Air

This program was subsequently replaced by a C++ version in 1990, and most recently remade into an Adobe Air/Actionscript version, which is included in our World Numerology Collection.

The C++ version is used worldwide by well over a thousand numerology enthusiasts and professionals.


The top part of the numerology chart

The layout is simple and logical. The numbers and aspects of both the full name at birth and the name the person goes by take up the top part of the chart.

The middle part of the numerology chart

The middle part is used for the date of birth, the Diamond, the Planes of Expression, and other aspects.

The lower part of the numerology chart

The lower part of the chart (the wave), shows all the relevant cycles. Each column represents one year. The upper part of the wave shows the cycles based on the name (Transits and Essence cycles), while the lower part reflects the Personal Year and Pinnacle cycles.


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