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The book A Consciousness of Being, by Hans Decoz, author of Numerology: Key To Your Inner Self

by Hans Decoz


A small book, with a big message: An entirely different approach to the question of what Life is.

Is it matter? Energy? Both? Does it have substance? Does an elephant have more Life than a bumble bee?...

The questions, and certain observations, will make you re-eveluate the notion of Life as a presence within.






Science knows there is Life, where it is and where it isn’t, even how to prolong its presence in a body, regardless whether that Life is chomping at the bit to get out of there. Science doesn’t know what it is.

A biologist points at something alive and says: “There, look, that is Life.” But he or she isn’t seeing Life, he or she is seeing a body alive.

There’s Life inside of it, sure, but it’s invisible.

Science cannot put Life back in a body once it’s gone either, hard as they try. Science doesn’t have a syringe full of Life, or a capsule filled with Life.

Science can stop Life from leaving a body, temporarily, when it’s on the edge, but once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

Science can clone a body and do it so well, Life will step inside and occupy it. Science can’t create Life, then stuff it in a body. It can only create a body in which all the requirements are met, then hope Life will come and take it from there.

Science doesn’t know the invisible world of Life. It doesn’t know how to ask the question, or even that there is a question.

This is the elephant in the lab: Science never asks what Life is. It asks why it is, how it is, where it is, never what it is. Think about that, for a moment. Think it through and ask yourself: “Why is it, that science (or religion) never asks what Life is?” Which is interesting, considering every scientist alive carries Life within, 24/7, 365, yet they have not bothered to come up with a mathematical equation that tells us what Life is.

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$7.95 On amazon (hard copy). Kindle versions are available.


Prose and Poetry by Hans Decoz. This is not a numerology book.


Numerologist Hans Decoz, author of Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self

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