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Do Your Own Numerology Chart, Part X

Know thyself
--inscription at the Delphic Oracle.

So far, we have talked about the strongest, and usually the most obvious, aspects of a person's character. But now we enter into the more hidden realms, where people are driven by desires or ambitions that even they may not be aware of. In order to become free human beings, we must make these subtle, unconscious traits conscious. We must become aware of ourselves in our deepest recesses in order to take control of our lives. Otherwise, we are slaves to our unconscious desires.


Numerology is based on the understanding that we enter life with certain strengths and weaknesses. Karmic Lessons are areas that we are currently weak in, and that we must face and work on in this life. There can be more than one Karmic Lesson.

As we have already seen, each letter in your name corresponds to a specific number. Certain numbers repeat within your name, while others may be missing. Karmic Lessons are indicated when one or more of the nine single-digit numbers are missing in your name. A Karmic Strength is suggested when a number is represented two or more times. This is called a Hidden Passion. More about Hidden Passions later.

The letters and numbers of your name point to talents and abilities that you possess. These characteristics can be compared to a workshop in which certain tools are available to you. Missing numbers, those that are not represented in the letters of your name, imply tools that are unavailable and must be learned and mastered during this lifetime.

For people with three or more numbers missing in their numerology chart, it is supremely important to focus on your career and talents, and to persevere in the face of any difficulty or obstacle. The kind of keyhole energy suggested by such a name gives you the ability to achieve great success in a specific part of life; but before such a success can be achieved, adversity must be overcome. Perseverance, therefore, becomes the key to happiness.

TThe Karmic Lesson chart in numerologyhe Karmic Lessons and Hidden Passion chart is represented by a square divided in 9 smaller squares. Each of those nine squares is numbered 1 through 9 and arranged in order starting with 1 in the top left and ending with 9 in the lower right corner. In each square is another number indicating how many times the number below it is represented in the full name at birth.

How to Find Your Karmic Lessons in numerology

The Karmic Lessons in your numerology reading are found by establishing which numbers are missing among the letters in the full name at birth. You can have none, one, or several Karmic Lessons. In the graphic on the right, you can see our example has 3 ones, 1 two, 1 three, 1 four, 5 fives, 2 sixes, 2 sevens, 2 eights, and 3 nines in his full name at birth. Anthony Joseph Mercier does not have any missing numbers, and therefore has no Karmic Lessons.

Anthony numerology chart

This doesn't mean he wouldn't have his share of difficulties and challenges. It simply means they are found in other parts of the numerology chart and based on other aspects.

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