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Scour this site to your heart's delight. You will find dozens of articles, an audio course, tutorials, your personal Daily Number Forecast, and it's all free!


Over a hundred numerology articles on this website, you can work your way through your own numerology chart, and learn numerology in the process

Numerology Course

Hans’ audio course & tutorials teaches you how to calculate complete personal numerology charts, relationship profiles, and future forecasts.


Numerology articles and lessons

Numerology Articles

Name changes, global forecasts, repeating numbers, romance compatibility...


Letters, words, and language in numerology - a synchronized evolution

Numerology and the Art of Naming Things

Would John Wayne have become a legend had his name been Bernie Wayne? A rose by any other name...


Numerology tutorials, classes, including audio lectures

Numerology Tutorials



Travel stories, opinions, and just plain musings - with or without a pinch of numerology

Thoughts and Opinions

A Numerologist's observations - not per se about numerology


Do your own numerology reading

Do-It-Yourself Numerology Reading

A step-by-step method to create your own numerology reading, and discover more about your talents, challenges, and personality


Numerology meaning of numbers

The Meaning of Numbers in Numerology

Single and double-digit numbers, karmic numbers, master numbers...


Important dates, cycles, and patterns in numerology

Dates And Patterns

Important dates, cycles, and patterns in numerology


Numerology software facts and fiction

Numerology Software Facts & Fiction

Explaining different issues regarding numerology software, comparing programs, and explaining what works and what doesn't


Numerology concepts, ideas and opinions

Concepts and Comments

Mostly out-of-the-box observations, more or less numerology-related


Numerology birthday cards, free, with descriptions of the numerology meaning of your birthday number

Numerology Birthday Cards

Your Birthday number is one of the core numbers in your numerology chart. Find out what it says about you - and send a card to a friend on their birthday...


Books by numerologist Hans Decoz; one numerology book, a novel, and a self-help book about life

Books by Decoz

A numerology book, a novel, and a self-help book about life



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