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Numerology book on amazon - 4.6 out of 5 starsHans Decoz was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1949. Art and math were his early interests, as they continue to be today. Hans attended the Rietveld Academy of Art in Arnhem in 1968. He also apprenticed at a ceramic studio for two years. It was during this period, that he began to develop games and artwork based on mathematical formulas.

In 1969, looking for a book on mathematics in a secondhand bookshop, Hans noticed a worn book on the science of Numerology and was immediately intrigued. During the following years, he studied the subject of numerology extensively, using it to better understand his friends and interpret events on the universal and personal plane. Only after he had overcome his intense skepticism was he able to understand the practice as another example of the patterns, unity, and coherence of the universe.

In 1981, Hans began practicing numerology professionally in Houston, Texas. By then he had a deep understanding of the science and what it suggests about life itself. Hans soon had a burgeoning practice, consulting with a broad stratum of Houston residents.

Numerology in the Digital Age

In 1981, Hans developed the renowned DecozChart, a numerology charting system which artistically displays every number and cycle in an individual’s profile. A software version was created in 1987. The Chart’s beautifully designed layout is placed on a single page, visually capturing the many cycles an individual experiences during any 50-year period. The DecozCharting system is used by professional numerologists worldwide.

In 1984, Hans bought one of the first desktop computers, a Macintosh, and began working on a numerology software program that would produce a complete numerology report based on his in-depth personal readings. Hans devoted three years to write the hundreds of text files that populate the Decoz Desktop Software. Released in 1987,Numerologist Hans Decoz began writing material for his numerology software as early as 1984, on one of the first desktop computers. it was the first numerology software program capable of calculating a truly comprehensive individual report. The Personality Profile and Yearly Forecast were the first reports released in this format.

Over the following 10 years, Decoz continued to work on other report types, writing text files and creating the algorithms for the Numerology Relationship Compatibility reports, Talent Profile, Name Analyzer, Inner Reflection Reading, the Diamond, and several others. Reports derived from the Decoz Software program are still available from numerous web sites, as well as hundreds of individual practitioners. However, Hans’ dramatically upgraded “Next Generation” numerology reports are only available through the World Numerology Collection. In addition, certain individual reports can be purchased through www.tarot.com and www.numerology.com.

Hans moved to Arizona in 2003 where he renovated a historic building downtown Bisbee. Although he continued to write and publish articles and blogs on numerology, he also went back to his first love – art – where he created large scale works using Death Valley clay. View his work at artdecoz.com.

Decoz 2.0

In 2012, Hans raised the bar significantly by adding additional chapters to his earlier reports. His latest work incorporates the way each number influences and affects the others. This is a revolutionary development requiring well over a thousand new text files - bringing the already vast text base to a staggering 1,000,000 plus words (the equivalent of twenty novels). This method is unique to Hans Decoz profiles.

In 2013, Hans partnered with World Numerology to create a web-based software program that allows instant access to personal reports, an extended daily number forecast, unlimited relationship compatibility reports, and many other tools. After three years in development, the World Numerology Collection was launched in March 2016.

We hope you will enjoy Hans Decoz Next Generation profiles, crafted with insight, skill, and a sincere desire to bring you the most in-depth readings possible. We wish you well on your journey.

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