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1981-2001 – THE EARLY YEARS

Hans Decoz began his professional Numerology career in Houston, Texas in 1981. His reputation as a leading numerologist was quickly established in Houston and throughout the country. After years of extensive travel giving readings to hundreds of numerology enthusiasts, Hans sought a method to expand his reach to those unable to meet in person.

In 1984, he began a three-year effort to develop the first comprehensive Numerology software program - Decoz Desktop Software. Decoz continued to expand his numerology database and upgrade the software over the following 15 years.

In 1989, Hans created a professional version of his Decoz Desktop Software for PC, allowing professionals to make unlimited reports for resale. Although professionals continue to use this software today, it does not produce instant access reports (reports must be emailed to the receiver) and has not been upgraded to include Hans’ latest work.

In 1997 Hans launched, populating the site with a vast library of articles, lessons, Decoz Software, and other content.



From 2001 to 2015, Hans partnered with the Daily Insight Group (,, and other sites) to exclusively market his online reports and Decoz Software. In March 2016 control of the Decoz website and Software reverted back to Hans.



After returning to Houston in 2013, Hans began expanding his popular numerology profiles, adding additional chapters and algorithms as well as several new report types and charts. Following three years of focused effort, in collaboration with World Numerology, the Collection was launched in April 2016

The World Numerology App delivers the full catalog of Hans Decoz most recent reports, including 6 free, a free Daily Forecast, Decoz Blogs, and other resources. The App provides instant access to personal reports from any computer (soon from any mobile device) and allows new material to be sent through the app automatically.


The history of Decoz numerology began in 1982 and continues to this day - see our new numerology software


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World Numerology holds the exclusive license to the full range of new and upgraded Decoz online reports and charts Our logo is your assurance you have purchased Hans' latest work

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