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Numerology Meaning of The Balance Number

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The Balance number is the inverted triangle in your numerology chart





Your Balance number in your numerology chart becomes more important when you are off-balance





People experience different internal responses to life's challenges. Some withdraw from difficult situations to think them through, while others withdraw from their emotions to try and keep themselves from feeling anything. Some explode with emotions, but allow the explosion to pass quickly, yet others linger with their feelings, holding on to them well past the time they should have let them go.

Maturity and self-development help us learn new and more effective methods of handling our world and the problems we confront. In Numerology, your Balance number provides you with the guidance on how best to deal with difficult or threatening situations.

Your Balance number is considered a minor influence -- that is, until your personal life is off-balance and you must rely more heavily on this number. When you go through emotional turmoil, the Balance number becomes very important.


How to find your Balance number


letters and their value in a numerology chart


To figure out your Balance number, add the numerical value of the initials of your full name at birth -- first, middle and last initials -- then reduce them to a single digit. For example, using the name Thomas John Hancock: his initials are T, J and H. Their numerical values are 2, 1 and 8 respectively. His Balance number therefore, is 2 + 1 + 8 = 11, which further reduces to 2. Thomas has a 2 Balance number. (Reduce any double-digit number to a single digit when calculating Balance numbers, including Master numbers.)


The Balance number is the inverted triangle in your numerology chart included free with the World Numerology App


The Balance number is the inverted triangle in your numerology chart.


This Chart, as well as two other charting methods are included free with the World Numerology App


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