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The Numerology Name Game

Today, if you need a name for a product or a business entity, you have neither the time nor the resources to let the name evolve until it fits. 

It has to be right from day one! Think of the power of a name as similar to a color, or a shape. The people responsible for the design of a new product will devote large amounts of time and money to get the shape and the color just right. Everybody understands that the wrong color can mean failure in the marketing of a good product. The right color can mean success even for a mediocre product. The right name - the right numerology name - can make or break a business, or a product.

BTW: Our World Numerology Collection includes a Name Advisor for Business feature, as well as a Name Advisor for People.

In order to be successful, you have to make the right impression. The name is the first impression one gets. A Texas-based energy business named Entergy, with their choice of company name, severely frustrates its own business potential. From the point of view of numerology, the name is simply terrible. It is awkward and infantile. Sometimes a slight adjustment can make a big difference. A struggling mall, not far from here, is named Mall of the Mainland. A bad choice. Change it to Mainland Mall and business will improve. As a numerology name it works much better.

So what does it take to come up with a good name?

Name Changes for Individuals

Your original name at birth reflects who you are; your talents, strengths, weaknesses, unique character traits, and so forth. Your original name at birth can not be changed. Your birth has passed and you have been named.

However, your current name, the way you introduce yourself can be changed. And the result of a name change can be dramatic. The way you introduce yourself shows how you feel about yourself; your self-confidence, your self-image, your perspective of your own potential and short-comings. When you introduce yourself, you do much more than simply label yourself as so-and-so. You create an impression in sound and vibration.

But there is more. Every time you introduce yourself, or even think of yourself, you confirm an image, a range of qualities. You influence your own world, your immediate environment, and the people around you. This influence can be positive or detrimental to the quality of your life and your ability to tap into your true potential.

Most people are comfortable with their names. And rightly so. Parents tend to do a good job naming their children. A combination of love, intuition, and many months of adjusting to the upcoming event of giving birth, virtually guarantees that the child receives the perfect name; a name that fits that child perfectly.

Of course, there are exceptions. And people change. In most cases, the changes are reflected in the original name at birth and in harmony with the individuals personal evolution. Even so, it is not uncommon for a person to reach a stage in life where a certain discomfort is connected with the every day name. A recognition of discordance. A deep inner feeling that the name is no longer in harmony with the flow of life. At that point, a name change may be in order.


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