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I work closely - and in close proximity - with my long-time business partner Janice. Between you and me, she’s not someone you want to ignore, so I decided to check our Relationship Compatibility Forecast for the next couple months. I am glad I did! After all, forewarned is forearmed.

Monthly Relationship Forecast

for Hans and Janice

Hans and Janice, 1981, in an earlier business building furniture


Hans and Janice, this cycle's combination can be either very positive or quite negative. There is usually no middle ground.

Hans, you might feel like you are slogging through mud in heavy boots - there is progress, but it may feel excruciatingly slow and require considerable effort. Janice's experience should be just the opposite, where it feels as if everything is there for the taking.

In a relationship, this combination can bring out the best in each of you or enhance your negative traits. For example, Janice's optimistic, ambitious attitude could either be irritating to you or help to alleviate periods of frustration and anxiety. And your effort and methodical approach could be an inspiring influence on her or put a damper on her dynamic energy.

To top it off, it is likely you will both be able to clearly recognize the effect you have on each other during this period. As a result, you will either feel love and appreciation or irritation and blame, depending on the way you respond to one another.

The key to getting the most out of this cycle is to be sensitive to your partner's needs and state of mind. Try not to get so caught up in your own world that you lose touch with theirs.



Hans and Janice, this cycle combination can be quite challenging. It is likely to be a trying time for Janice, who may be uncertain about where to go next. Moreover, there may be few answers for many of her doubts and questions during this period. Janice's 9 brings the end of a cycle, which could make her feel a little worn out, emotional, or vulnerable. Fortunately her next cycle should deliver a much more uplifting, inspiring, and powerful energy.

Hans, you should find a period with more energy (but less patience) than usual. Your 5 delivers dynamic drive and probably a change or two. Your ability to bring excitement and enthusiasm into the relationship could be an excellent tonic for your partner.

Both, the 5 and 9 cycles are about change; however, they are very different in the way we experience them. The changes brought by the 5 tend to be the result of excitement, enthusiasm, and a desire to stir things up. Janice's 9 cycle has more to do with personal evolution.

The most important ingredient in making this cycle as beneficial as possible is patience. Janice will need it during situations that may seem unclear, and you will need to muster it to support her. If things get a bit challenging, keep in mind that although this cycle may not feel particularly compatible, every cycle is temporary.

As you can see, knowing how your cycles fit with your partner, friend, or co-worker can help you keep a harmonious relationship even when the numbers don't align too well.

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