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In-Depth Personality Profile



This expansive numerology reading interprets more than 30 different aspects of your chart and includes the way core numbers affect each other - a method unique to Hans Decoz reports that adds substantial depth and precision to your reading.


Discover more about your strengths, challenges, in-born talents, relationships, and how to take advantage of approaching opportunities.

The complete numerology profile is easily twice as expansive and detailed as that of our nearest competitor. The middle part of the numerology reading This is the last part of the personal numerology profile reading

Yearly & Monthly Forecast


The Yearly Numerology Forecast The Monthly numerology forecast


Get a heads up on the energy and influences you will encounter this year, including month-by-month.


This Numerology Forecast details your Essence, Transits, Personal Year, and Month cycles, as well as their combined influence - an effect called Dualities.


Dualities are the most important and revealing part of your reading and add significantly more insight. Developed by Decoz, this method is not found in any other numerology forecast.



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Limited Yearly Subscription



Download is free (upgrade later if you wish) and includes:

  • Your Personal Daily Number Forecast (up to 3 months ahead)
  • Address Analyzer
  • Phone Number Analyzer
  • Lost Object Finder
  • Numerology Chart Calculator
  • Proportional Numerology Chart
  • Decoz Chart Maker

Full Yearly Subscription



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Master numerologist Hans Decoz analyzes the combined influence of your core numbers, describing the way they affect each other (and you)

These calculations, unique to Decoz’ readings, produce far more detailed and personal profiles



Includes your Free Daily Forecast + 6 Numerology Tools & Charts

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