Professional Numerology Software

We offer 2 numerology software programs for professional use:

  • The Decoz Numerology Master Program (see below, first released 1987, current version 8.0)

  • The World Numerology App (new, and FREE) If you are considering a business selling numerology readings and charts, this program will allow you to test your market without investing hundreds of dollars in a professional numerology program.

We also offer a Reseller program (Offer the World Numerology App to your visitors for a 30% commission.)



The most popular professional numerology software since 1987

The Decoz Numerology software for professionals includes personal profiles, future forecasts, and relationship reports.


  • Fully customizable, 10 to 200 page personal reports

  • Include or exclude topics, and more....

  • Multiple languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese)

  • Excellent customer service

  • Windows PC only – Print or email reports - Free download

  • Modular, Easy to use, Uncompromising Quality

  • More websites (including,,,, and many others), metaphysical retail stores, and individual practitioners use Decoz Professional Numerology software, than any other numerology program on the market

  • Includes several aspects and chapters not included in any other program




WORLD NUMEROLOGY APP for professional use - FREE

The Free World Numerology App offers 18 Readings and charts


Free software, no upfront cost!

  • Offer numerology readings by email or instantly access via the World Numerology App

  • No inventory - no investment. Pay as you go

    Creating reports only takes a few minutes

    Use your assigned professional code for greatly reduced prices

    Research and find your market without investing in expensive software

  • You can always purchase the Decoz Pro version later (doesn't require payment per report)

  • The widest range of numerology reports - 10 distinct, in-depth readings

  • The World Numerology App is the only portal to Decoz’ latest work - reports inlcude new chapters, added forecasting aspects, and graphics




Download the Free World Numerology App for PC Download the World Numerology App for Mac

Find the World Numerology App on Google Play

iPad, iPhone, and Android phone versions coming soon!

For Android Tablets only


World Numerology®

World Numerology holds the exclusive license to the full range of new and upgraded Decoz online reports and charts Our logo is your assurance you have purchased Hans' latest work

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Companies interested in offering the World Numerology App in English or other languages, click here

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