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The Most Powerful and Flexible Numerology Software on the Market

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Dialog boxes, Preference Settings, and more.

A professional interested in getting right into the readings can easily do so, but applying your particular Numerology calculation and report output preferences is as easy as clicking a few buttons:

Decoz Numerology software preference settings dialog box



  • Set the Y and W as vowels or consonants, or let the software choose

  • Select one of three different methods of calculating the Life Path Number

  • Easily switch between English, Spanish and Portuguese (profiles, yearly forecasts only)

  • Choose between using your preferred word processer or the word processor included in the software

  • Change font, font size, font style, and spacing

  • Easily make reports from 10 to 200 pages with one click. 

  • Assign values to foreign characters in Scandinavian, French, Spanish, or even Russian names without compromising the accuracy of the report

  • Select with topics to include

  • And more




All Decoz Numerology Software components use the same primary interface screen and navigation system; learn one, and you've learned them all. Numerology software name input dialog box


Each individual's information, once entered into the system, generates a unique profile. That profile contains the person's name and birth data, and is always available for one-click retrieval for future reports.


The Decoz Numerology Master program Recall feature.

An easy button interface lets you add and remove topics from each report, as well as adjust the time period to which the report applies.


Other Features That Make Decoz Software Easy to Use:

  • You can use your default word processor as an interface when updating or editing reports

  • One-click access to the relevant Help pages from every dialog box

  • Select from 4 buttons pre-set with the most popular report types, or assign your preferred report types to 4 available "setable" buttons

  • Easily set time ranges for cycles from 1 month to unlimited number of years ... you could go back and find out what Napoleon's cycles were during the Russia campaign, or go forward to analyze what the cycles of your recently born child will be when he is 50!

  • Easily make reports from 10 to 200 pages with one click. Examples: a short personality profile is about 12 pages

  • a full personality profile is 22 to 24 pages

  • a one-year forecast including all cycles is 18 to 20 pages

  • a 6-months daily forecast is about 24 to 26 pages

  • a full personality profile plus 9-year forecast and 2 year daily forecast is 170 to 180 pages




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